Cancer Institute Urges Caution With Cell Phones

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A outstanding US cancer institute has posted a discover on its web site urging mobile phone customers to take

precautions when utilizing cell telephones as a result of recommendation from a global panel of consultants says cell

telephones haven’t been round lengthy sufficient for scientists to make certain about their security.

The announcement comes from the Middle for Environmental Oncology (CEO), a part of the College of

Pittsburgh Most cancers Institute, based mostly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and says that following the recommendation of an

worldwide panel of consultants, comprising most cancers consultants from Europe and the US:

“Electromagnetic fields generated by cell telephones must be thought-about a possible human well being


Not sufficient time has elapsed for us to make certain of the organic penalties of mobile phone and

cordless cellphone know-how, mentioned the CEO, and till then, individuals must be cautious.

The CEO mentioned that latest research “which embrace topics with a historical past of mobile phone utilization for a

length of not less than 10 years, present a attainable affiliation between sure benign tumors (acoustic

neuromas) and a few mind cancers on the facet the system is used”.

Analysis that estimates the penetration of electromagnetic radiation from cell telephones based mostly on age,

exhibits that youngsters are significantly extra weak than adults, mentioned the CEO, explaining that the

frequency bands utilized by cell telephones (from 800 to 2200 MHz), even under the ability threshold

required by most security requirements, causes “a rise within the permeability of the blood-brain barrier

and an elevated synthesis of stress proteins”.

Neither the skilled panel nor the CEO suggests individuals ought to cease utilizing cell telephones, which they refer

to as “a outstanding invention and a breakthrough of nice social significance”. One of many consultants, a

mind most cancers survivor, Dr David Servan-Schreiber, continues to make use of his mobile phone.

The message due to this fact, is that customers ought to take precautionary measures, and particularly those that

have most cancers already.

The CEO instructed this 10-point checklist of precautions:

  1. Youngsters ought to solely use cell telephones for emergencies. Organs which can be nonetheless rising are prone to be

    probably the most delicate to electromagnetic fields.

  2. When utilizing your mobile phone, preserve it away from the physique as a lot as you possibly can. In comparison with

    holding it subsequent to your head, the amplitude of the electromagnetic discipline drops to 25 per cent at two

    inches (5 cm) distance and to 2 per cent at three ft (about 1 metre).

  3. Use speakerphone, or a wi-fi Bluetooth headset, as a lot as attainable. These have lower than 1

    per cent of the emission of a traditional mobile phone. A hands-free ear piece may additionally cut back


  4. Utilizing your mobile phone in public, crowded locations, like a bus, means others are passively uncovered to

    your cellphone’s electromagnetic fields, so keep away from utilizing it in these locations.

  5. Preserve your cellphone away out of your physique as a lot as attainable – do not carry it in your physique. Do not

    preserve it close to your physique at night time (eg underneath a pillow or on a bedside desk), particularly in case you are pregnant.

    Put it in “flight” mode, which stops electromagnetic emissions (you possibly can nonetheless different features equivalent to

    the alarm on this mode).

  6. If you need to carry it in your physique, preserve the keypad towards you and the again of the cellphone

    pointing away from you so extra of the transmitted electromagnetic discipline strikes away from you slightly

    than towards you.

  7. For lengthy conversations use a landline with a corded cellphone, not a mobile phone or a cordless cellphone,

    since each use comparable electromagnetic emitting know-how.

  8. Alternate proper and left ear when utilizing your mobile phone, to unfold the publicity. Wait till the

    particular person you’re calling solutions earlier than putting the cellphone subsequent to your ear. In different phrases, do

    the whole lot you possibly can to chop your publicity time with the cellphone near your physique.

  9. Keep away from utilizing your cellphone when travelling at pace, equivalent to on a prepare, or when the sign is weak.

    The cellphone can be making an attempt to hook up with a brand new relay antenna, and makes use of larger energy to do that.

  10. Textual content slightly than name, as a lot as you possibly can. This limits publicity in two methods: much less time on the

    cellphone and the cellphone is additional away out of your physique.

  11. Select a cellphone with the bottom attainable Particular Absorption Fee (SAR, a measure of the

    power of the magnetic discipline absorbed by the physique). Use the key phrase phrase “sar rankings cell

    telephones” to look on the Web.

There was a considerably sceptical response to the CEO announcement within the press immediately,

with many stories saying there’s a appreciable physique of analysis that has discovered no threat to well being from

mobile phone utilization.

The Nationwide Most cancers Institute web site says that research have thus far failed to indicate a hyperlink between mind

tumours and mobile phone use.

The US Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) says on its web site that:

“The out there scientific proof doesn’t present that any well being issues are related to utilizing

wi-fi telephones. There isn’t a proof, nevertheless, that wi-fi telephones are completely secure. “

In analysis, there’s a saying “absence of proof will not be proof of absence”, which maybe urges

us all to think about this information fastidiously and make up our personal minds.


here to read the full CEO announcement “The Case for Precaution in the Use of Cell


Click here for “Cell

Phone Facts, Questions and Answers”, from the FDA

Supply: College of Pittsburgh, Companies.

Written by: Catharine Paddock, PhD

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