A Look into the Research of Dr. Ken Languin’s HSV 2 Cure

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October 5, 2016

A Look into the Research of Dr. Ken Languin’s HSV 2 Cure

There are many products out there that share ways to treat herpes. However, one product that hit the market not too long ago, and managed to get exceptionally popular seems to be Dr. Ken Languin’s HSV 2 cure. If we are not mistaken, the product is officially known as the Herpes Eraser.

The source that we were referring to said that the product has been developed by Dr. Christine Buehler and Dr. Ken Languin, and is believed to be a HSV 2 cure, or at least to a certain extent. While we won’t go into much details about whether the product is indeed what it claims to be, we will certainly be sharing some highly useful information in this article.

This information, too, is based on some extensive research, though it may or may not be linked to Dr. Ken Languin’s HSV 2 cure. However, we believe that their product, too, does cover this information, as it’s believed to be an important component of the overall treatment method that one may need to adopt in order to get rid of herpes outbreaks.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what are believed to be some reasonably effective ways of treating herpes.

Lysine Supplement

In one of our previous articles, we talked about the importance of including lysine-rich foods in our diet while avoiding foods that come with high quantities of arginine. It’s because while arginine helps the herpes virus reproduce and cause outbreaks conveniently easily, lysine restricts its growth and decreases both the severity and frequency of the outbreaks.

However, apart from the said diet changes, many people suffering from herpes are also finding fairly good success with lysine supplements. As lysine can really go a long way in achieving various positive changes that help deal significantly better with the herpes virus, taking lysine supplement may work really well for you.

However, one thing you would want to keep in mind while using lysine supplements is to go only with vegan products. This is due to the fact that the non-vegan, or the other lysine supplements may be coming with gelatin, which contains arginine and may hence trigger an outbreak instead of preventing it, which can obviously be very counterproductive.

Similarly, such harmful ingredients may even take a toll on the overall effectiveness of the lysine supplement. Hence, your best bet is to simply stick to vegan lysine supplements, as it would help get rid of the outbreaks for good over time.

Another important benefit of taking lysine supplement is that it strengthens your immune system. While this might not seem directly related to treating herpes, you would probably be surprised at how important it is to have a strong immune system in order to fight the herpes virus effectively.

If your immune system is not strong enough, or worse still, weak, which is generally the case while being affected by conditions such as herpes, it can get very difficult to manage it. On the other hand, a strong immune system makes it difficult for the virus to grow and cause damage to your overall health. It also ensures that the treatments you follow to fight the virus work at their best.

Oregano Oil Treatment

This is a little-known treatment that seems to be working fairly effectively for some people dealing with herpes and seeking relief from the outbreaks. While it may not usually be capable of getting rid of the outbreaks altogether on its own, it can certainly be a great add-on with other effective treatments. In fact, it alone, too, may reduce the outbreaks to a considerable extent, especially with daily use.

It actually works in quite a unique way against the herpes virus. What it does is simply attacking the herpes virus that may be hiding behind cell membranes and using them as protection. It is believed to be capable of breaking down these membranes, hence making the virus vulnerable to its further attacks.

Perhaps one of the important reasons antibiotics do not work against herpes is that the virus hides behind these cell membranes, which antibiotics probably cannot pass through. However, as we just noted, this isn’t the case with oregano oil and, hence, it can turn out to be a “natural” antibiotic for herpes.

As far as applying it is concerned, you can simply put it under your tongue or apply it to your skin. The idea here is to make sure it makes its way to your central nervous system, as well as your blood channels.

However, an important point to note here is that virgin oregano oil is usually very strong. Hence, it’s recommended to dilute it using some other natural oil, such as olive oil. However, if you’re looking to take its effectiveness to another level, you can instead use coconut oil to dilute it, as it may help do the dual task of diluting oregano oil while working against the herpes virus itself.

Vitamins for Herpes

Apparently, improving your vitamin intake, too, can be linked to increasing your resistance against the herpes virus. Here’s a look at some vitamins that may help with herpes and what they exactly do.

  • Vitamin A – It helps strengthen your immune system, while its deficiency may make it easier for the herpes virus to cause outbreaks frequently
  • Vitamin C – A particular study suggested that vitamin C may help fight the herpes virus better, and damage its ability to cause outbreaks
  • Vitamin E – This is probably especially useful for speeding up the healing after you have suffered from an outbreak
  • Vitamin D – This is another vitamin that promotes immune system health and can be very useful at fighting off infections such as herpes
  • Vitamin B12 – This group of vitamins may indirectly help with reducing outbreaks, as they help manage stress better, which tends to be one of the major factors of outbreaks

Natural sources of these vitamins (that are especially recommended for herpes):

  • Vitamin A – Leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetable oils
  • Vitamin C – Mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberries and many other fruits
  • Vitamin E – Vegetable oils and green leafy vegetables
  • Vitamin D – Dairy products and orange juice
  • Vitamin B12 – Milk and milk products






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