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My mom and I were just talking about how sick everyone is these days and how everyone seems to be getting cancer, an autoimmune disease, autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.  We both agree there are more toxins in our lifestyles today than there used to be and we need to remove those stressors from our lives.  One of these is the carpet in our homes.  I know carpet is cozy and warm but there must be some healthy carpet alternatives.  How can we cleanse our home from the ground up?

1.  Wool

Coming from sheep and llamas, this is a sustainable material and in general wool rugs are backed with jute instead of petroleum made product.  It is more expensive but is less affected by dust mites, is fairly stain resistant, and warm.

2.  Sisal

Created from the leaves of the agave plant this alternative is not as soft as carpet but does not harbor dust mites or allergens so it will create an allergy friendly environment.

3.  Seagrass

Thicker than sisal and resistant to dyes this option will give your floors a natural look that is healthy to boot!

4.  Linoleum

I always thought vinyl and linoleum flooring was the same thing.  I was so wrong.  Vinyl is made from chemicals while linoleum is made for natural products (linseed oil, tree resin, wood flour, pigments and ground limestone.)  As the linseed oil decomposes it actually kills microbes making it a germophobe dream flooring.

5.  Hardwood Floors and Wood Laminates

Hardwood flooring can some in a variety of forms and in most cases is nontoxic.  It is important to see what the finishes are made from and make sure that they are not treated with formaldehyde to ensure you’re not adding toxins in a different form though since this has been known to happen.

8 Healthy Carpet Alternatives

6.  Cork

Cork is an extremely renewable resource and with the right finish makes extremely durable and beautiful flooring.  The cork tree doesn’t need to be cut for this and replaces its bark every 3 years.  So, if treated properly, you can have a healthy option for flooring.  Cork is also much warmer on your feet than wood so you can have the earth tone option without the chill.

7.  Tile

With such a large variety of tiles this option can make your color choice limitless.  However, it can be a bit chilly on your feet.  Upkeep is easy and toxins are low and renewable.

8.  Poured Concrete

Poured and stained concrete is another option that is becoming popular.  Changing colors and floorings is more difficult with this but it is great for those with allergies and creates a beautiful finish.

So with those options you can think outside of the box a bit and choose some new options for flooring in your home.

What carpet alternatives do you have in your home?

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