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About two years ago, our family was at a science museum and they had some salt lamps available for sale.  I’d been wanting one forever…so I took the plunge and bought one.

Salt lamps are really neat — they’re large, unrefined salt rocks on wooden bases, with a light that goes up inside of them.  They glow a pretty pink/orange, and even have health benefits!  I eventually put them in most of the rooms in my home…at least until my kids thought they were fun to throw (they’re heavy) so they’re put away for a little while now.

Assuming you don’t have little ones who are quite so…creative…salt lamps actually have a ton of benefits, and you should get one!

5 Reasons Why You Need a Salt Lamp

#1) They Help Clean the Air

Salt lamps, when heated (by the light inside of them) produce something called negative ions.  All of the ‘junk’ in your home (bacteria, viruses, even electronics) produce positive ions.  The negative ions meet with the positive ions, neutralize them, and therefore, the air is cleaner!

#2) Reduce Allergens

Since the salt lamps clean your air — they get rid of molds and other stuff that can cause allergies.  Many people find they breathe more clearly when they have salt lamps in their homes!

#3) Increases Energy Levels

The energy from the salt lamps can increase your energy!  Think about how you feel when you walk outside and breathe fresh air, especially just after rain.  It’s so energizing, isn’t it?  That’s what salt lamps do.  (The post-rain is energizing because of the same negative ions.)  Plus of course if you’re breathing better, you’re feeling better, you’ll have more energy for that reason too.

#4) Clean Electromagnetic Radiation

All electromagnetic radiation — which is emitted from your computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices — is made of positive ions, and can cause headaches and sometimes worse.  It can definitely interfere with your sleep habits.  Salt lamps help to “clean up” the EMF waves because of the negative ions, which makes your home safer.

#5) Sleep More Peacefully

Although salt lamps can give you more energy, they can also help you sleep!  That’s because they help to steady you and balance you, and help you to breathe more clearly — which helps you to sleep.  It’s a focused, balanced energy that lasts through the day, followed by normal tiredness and a good night’s rest.

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Negative Ions?

I know the negative ion thing sounds a little ‘out there,’ but it’s legitimate.

This study shows that negative ions improve depression (there’s the balanced mood I mentioned!).  This study explains more about negative ions and their influence on health.

There’s a lot of conflicting evidence out there, as well, but a lot of modern research methods don’t account for more “Eastern” or “alternative” ideas very well.

At any rate, many people have reported benefits from these salt lamps — they’re definitely worth a try!

Get Salt Lamps Now!

One company that makes awesome salt lamps is So Well Made.  They’re offering 15% off when you sign up for their newsletter.  They have a variety of salt lamps available, from “mini” lamps to large ones, and individual lamps to packages to get one in every room!

Most salt lamps are around $30 – $50 each — So Well Made’s start around $15 (they have some super cute little candle holders!  Try them out with beeswax candles for super clean, fresh air).  In addition to the Himalayan pink, they have rare gray ones and other cool colors.  I haven’t seen ones like that before!

So Well Made’s lights are all Fair Trade, and their entire shop is vegan.  (They have vegan body care and other natural options too!)

Definitely check them out — and grab yourself a lamp or two while you’re at it!

Do you have a salt lamp?  Have you been wanting one?

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