By Diana, Contributing Writer

We are a carpet free home for several reasons.  The main one is due to my severe dust allergies. However, there are numerous reasons to get rid of carpet in your home.  Most of which relate to the health of you and your family.

5 Reasons to Get Rid of Carpet

1. Hidden Mold and Fungus

In many homes, carpet can be found near entries, in bathrooms, or even in laundry areas.  If any moisture builds up then mold can grow. Even steam cleaning isn’t going to save you from it.  You will most likely need an expert to come in and clean it.  To prevent it in the first place…use a solution of vinegar, alcohol, water, and carpet cleaning solution frequently.

2. Bacteria and Dust Particles

If you have carpet, you have a vacuum cleaner, and according to studies all vacuum cleaners (even the most expensive ones with HEPA filters) release some bacteria and dust particles.  Knowing that bacteria can stay viable for up to 2 months in a vacuum cleaner is pretty gross.  So you could be showering your entire house with bacteria and dust every time you vacuum.  Yummy!

3. Carcinogens

Most carpet is made with carcinogens and volatile organic compounds.  So by placing them in your home you are increasing your risk of experiencing cancer, irritated skin, headaches, respiratory problems, coughs, fatigue, irritated eyes, irritated nose and throat.

5 Reasons to Get Rid of Carpet 3

4. Skin Cells

A carpet can hold up to 8 times it’s weight in dust and other skin particles.  So the dog, the cat, the dirty shoes, the dirty kids, the food spills, the general dead skin and dust, dust mites, cleaning solutions, are all sitting in your carpet potentially making you sick.  I know this was a factor for me.  Once ours was removed I could breathe so much easier.

5. Replacement Costs

Carpet doesn’t last as long as hard surface flooring such as cork, bamboo, tile, or hardwood.  So you need to replace it more frequently, add to our enormous pile of garbage from generations of wastefulness, and continue the cycle as it gets stained and worn.  Not a great cycle.  So if you do replace it, try to find a location to recycle it.

I know it’s not too profound but if your family has any member already struggling with health issues this is really something you should consider.  I know it made a dramatic difference for me, especially at night when I was sleeping in the formerly carpet filled room.  Suddenly, I was breathing better and not waking up as stuffy nosed!

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