5 Korean Skincare Tips To Include In Your Beauty Regime

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With an increasing number of women obsessing over achieving this oh-so-enviable porcelain skin that the Koreans are so beautifully known for, Korean beauty goods are the current darlings of global markets. But, beauty specialists are of the belief that there’s more to the Koreans’ pearly-dewy epidermis compared to sheet rice and sprays water-infused toners. And no, it is definitely not all about being talented with good skin cells.

By a really young age, Koreans are instructed to look after their skin. They follow a particular skincare regimen that’s as much about topical application of merchandise as about caring for things underneath the surface such as skin hydration and circulation. It’s the latter half of the skincare regimen which makes all of the difference.

So without further ado, here are just 5 skin care methods that Koreans follow religiously to make sure that skin beauty begins from the interior. Double Cleanup

Double cleansing helps clear out all the deep-seated junk that collects in our pores

Double cleansing is most likely the main thing to the Korean skin care regimen and is particularly important when you’ve been wearing cosmetics. Double cleansing helps clean out all of the crap that collects within our pores such as the deep-seated gunk that a plain foaming cleanser is not able to do.

The very first step would be to utilize an oil-based cleanser. This helps remove makeup and dirt in the very top layers of your skin. The next step involves using a foam or a soap-based cleaner which targets the deeper pores to push out stubborn lingering traces of compounds and pollutants in case any. Forget the Towel

Allow your face to air-dry to avoid the bacteria from your towels.

Lots people do not understand this but our towels have tens of thousands of germs clinging to the surface, even when you clean or wash them. From time to time, harsh chemicals become left behind on your towels once they’re freshly out in the laundry. Because of this, think about skipping towel drying your skin. Rather, allow your head to air-dry after you are done with your own cleansing. Trust us, it is going to make all of the difference! 10-Second Principle

Applying products on your skin 10 seconds after a cleanse or a shower will allow better absorption.

Now that we have covered air-drying your skin rather than using the standard method between a towel, let us get to the 1 rule principle that all Koreans swear by. They believe that it is always best to apply lotions, serums, or toners in your own skin over 10 minutes of taking a bath or washing your face. The reason? Once you wash or clean your skin, your pores are available and therefore are mechanically more responsive to your skin care solutions. This will allow for improved absorption. The deeper your lotion or ointment is allowed to proceed, the better it’s to your skin. The main reason why facials are so popular is that they increase blood flow to your skin. But you do not need to spend a bomb on health care services, maybe not if you adhere to the Korean custom of integrating mini-massages while implementing your skin lotions and serums. Press down lightly on either side of the temples, between your lips and eyebrows, the cheekbones, the sides of the face, along with your jawline. Use your knuckles to massage your skin gently but aggressively in an upward movement without pulling or yanking your skin also harshly. To make sure you apply minimum friction for your own skin, put money into a great silky serum. In this manner, you’ll also kill 2 birds with one stone — employing serum and giving your skin a much-needed increase of flow! Once you are done showering, hang up your moist towels round your room. This functions as a simple air purifier and brings down the degree of dryness inside the room.

Disclaimer: This material is purely educational and informative in nature and shouldn’t be construed as medical advice. Please use the information only in consultation with an proper accredited medical or health care professional.

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