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By Dee, Contributing Writer

Costco is just down the road from us, so the convenience of it is definitely a draw.  There are several reasons, as a family of 5, that we chose to sign up for a Costco membership.  I’m sure many of you could add even more to this list.

10 Reasons You Should Shop At Costco

 #1  Save on Gas

Depending on the time of day, you generally need to wait in line at Costco.  I drive a lot, shuttling my kids around so in our minivan I fuel up weekly.  My husband commutes for work everyday in his small car.  We save on average 15-20 cents per gallon compared to our local convenience stores.

As a family we buy about 23 gallons of gas per week driving from place to place.  So that is 1,196 gallons of gas per year.  If I only calculate saving 15 cents per gallon, we save $179.40 on gas in one year alone.  In addition, we get 2% cash back on our grocery purchases, since we chose to sign up for the $110 membership.

#2 Save on Tires

They frequently have deals that allow you to save $70 per set (they did last week when I was there).  In addition, they do a free tire rotation and balance for the life of your tires.  When we had a flat last year, they replaced our tire for free.

#3 Save on Pre-Packaged Groceries

I do have to price check and compare with the grocery store but many of their items are significantly cheaper than the grocery store.  I’m not good at clipping coupons so this is one way I save.

As an example, I buy the Kirkland brand squeeze container applesauce there for 20 cents cheaper than the grocery store.  They also have a large assortment of gluten free items which is something we buy. Some of the staples of the Whole 30, gluten free, Paleo, or 21 Day Fix diets can be found here as well:

  • Gluten Free Flours
  • Organic Almond Butter
  • California Grown Rice (low arsenic)
  • Organic Maple Syrup

#4 Save on Electronics

We have purchased our T.V., printer, and paper shredder here with significant savings.  The selection is not as large as other major retailers but the quality is excellent and they have a good return policy if you have your receipt and have problems.

#5 Save on Antibiotic Free, Organic Meat

Their organic chicken and organic beef is cheaper than I can get at any other store in our major metro area.  It’s a great quality meat too.  I can buy two large organic chickens to roast in our Crock pot for $2.99/lb.  They also have a few varieties of wild caught frozen fish that we have enjoyed.

#6 Save on Organic Fruits and Vegetables (Frozen and Fresh)

I try to avoid the “Dirty Dozen” for our family and at Costco it’s possible to do that with quite a few fruits and veggies.  They have frozen organic strawberries and blueberries for our smoothies.  We always have their frozen organic broccoli on hand for a quick veggie.  This year, our store has started having organic apples available.  Every week we purchase their organic mixed greens (kale/spinach) for our smoothies.

#7 Save on Organic Milk, Grass-fed Butter, and Organic Eggs

It is important to us to eliminate as many toxins as possible.  We always get our Kerrygold butter and organic eggs at Costco.  The butter is less than half the price of what I’d pay at Trader Joe’s.

10 Reasons You Should Shop at Costco

#8 Free Samples While You Shop

Let’s be honest…this is a bonus.  They have samples all the time and even with our food allergies there is always something we can eat.  This keeps the “hangries” away and makes for a more peaceful shopping experience.

#9 Save on Multiple Vitamins, Supplements, Cold and Flu Meds and Pain Killers 

I have consistently found good prices on these items at Costco.  I do try to research the brands before I buy to make sure they’re high quality.

#10 Save on Glasses

We have found the best price for eyeglasses by shopping online but that can be daunting if you can’t try them on.  Costco is consistently $100 or more cheaper than other discount glasses places.  On she saved even more.

We buy a lot at Costco and easily earn our membership fee back along with money towards next year’s fee.  We follow a mostly unprocessed grain free, low dairy, sugar free diet and Costco is able to meet those needs on most counts.

Do You Shop at Costco? How Have You Saved Money?

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